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Weise Water Systems has been founded in 2001 by Dipl.-Ing. Ulrich Weise with the support of private investors. During the last years Weise Water Systems GmbH developed to be the most innovative, independent producer of submerged Ultrafiltration Systems worldwide. The MicroClear® Filter, which is completely produced in Germany, is a permanently enhanced product which convinces customers by it’s several advantages. Our unique self-developed and fully automated production methods enable the company to grow and to flexibly serve orders up to a large scale.

The development of the today European-wide patented MicroClear® started with the very first model in 1997 and has been continued until today. Numerous theses and connected projects were carried out to test the MicroClear® Filter in different applications and under various process conditions. Even within the scope of the EU-promoted Puratreat project the MicroClear® Filter has proofed it’s excellent performance.

In various large scale applications up to a size of 50.000 P.E. and small decentralized solutions the MicroClear® filter testified that even with a very low energy consumption it is possible to produce a disinfected clean service water perfectly fitting multi purposes.

Since 2003 we have developed in parallel a small sewage treatment plant for decentralized systems based on membrane technology. Our system received it’s national official certification by the German DIBT in 2009 giving the best cleaning performance for small sewage plants that has ever been recorded at the official testing Institute. It is also certified according to EN12566-3. Another product line is our Aquacell® grey water treatment plant which is used by nearly all German suppliers in this market.

Our success leaded to Leonardo Venture GmbH & Co KG aA, Mannheim taking a stake in Weise Water Systems in 2007.

OEM customers who are searching for an outstanding performing filter while they are designing the surrounding periphery themselves are served with customized solutions. You need a complete plug and play solution, including all devices and electronic control? Call us! For your individual requirements we are the competent and helpful partner.


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